Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The girls and I

Here I am with my best girlfriends at Disneyland. We each dressed up as a princess, I am standing to the left of Belle.
We had a blast yesterday when we went. We stood in line for 5 hours for the Toy Story ride at California Adventure. We were standing right behind these very tall boys and their mom. One of the boys was eating a pickle. I wish I would have gotten a picture of them. I think we would have been great friends. Patapat would love them.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Spongebob and Patrick are getting on my nerves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They look innocent, but they are not they have broken things, valuable things, like this vaseAnd thats not all, spongebob Patrick as eaten pretty much all of our food. I shouldn't complain,But what can you do?

Monday, June 9, 2008

...Kelly...The Big Bear...

I feel like crying as I write this post...

We went to go visit Kelly yesterday, after church. Well, Kelly has found a wife and they had a little cub...

I am so happy for him! But it seems like he has kind of forgotten us. As we went up to him he kinda did this...

...and this...

The reason I feel like crying is because I have a deep emotional connection with this wonderful bear!!! Well, because we didn't want any more limbs lost in our family, we hurried back to our car. I am sad that Kelly isn't the little bear he was. I'm glad Ellen isn't going to take us on any emotional roller coasters and stay small and innocent.

Anyways, To cheer us all up we made up names for his cub and for his wife (even though we didn't see her.)
The name we came up for the cub is: Kewly!
The name we came up for the momma bear is: Stacy!

If you didn't notice we like to name things, in our family.


Spongebob and Patrick

Sheniqua didn't know that Spongebob and Patrick were here so as she went into the the bathroom she just started to put her leg into the bathtub to take a bath and then i heard her SCREAM! I was terrified, i had thought that she had fell and hurt herself, so i ran upstairs and saw her looking into the bathtub wondering why there was a sponge, a starfish, little suitcases, a rock, and a pineapple in there bathtub. So i sat down with her and explained the whole thing to her and introduced them to her. Sheniqua and Patapat love having them here and so do I, they are a joy to have them in our home unlike some other people (Squidward, there neighbor).

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hey Shaniqua...

Hey Shaniqua,

Joe Jonas here and I have heard a lot about you recently. I know you are a big fan and I wanted to give you the opportunity to meet me. I started a charity not to long ago, coincidentally enough, for girls who wanted to be a pop star but now can't because their legs got bit off by a bear, called "WE DON'T NEED NO BEAR HUGS."
I wondered if you wanted to come to my next event where I will have all of the girls whose legs got bit off by bears and want to be pop stars be the opening singers at mine and my brothers concert in San Diego.

Just let me know if you are interested.

Please contact me at (555) 555-5555 or email me at JoeBrolovesgirlswhogottheirlegsbitoffbybears@wedon'tneedno

Love ya,
Joe Jonas (You can call me Joe-Joe)

Can I stay with you?

Hey Bobby,

My friend Patrick and I are coming to Southern Cal. for a visit and wondered if we could stay with you? We won't be much trouble, just have the bath water ready and we are good to go.
We can't wait to meet Shaniqua and little Patapat and of course Ellen. We also hear your cute cousin Emma might be in town, we would like to see her too.
It's been forever since I've seen you! It will be great to see you again, just like old times.

Your friend,

Spongebob Squarepants