Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This is me, I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now, gonna let the light shine on me...

I finally feel like I am recovering after an exhausting few months of choreographing and teaching all the dances for Dance Festival 2008. Sheniqua and I couldn't believe it when we got the call to come up with all of the dances. Not because we don't have the talent, obviously we do, but because Sheniqua just had 2 babies and lost a leg and we've had Spongebob and Patrick here all summer, not to mention the Jonas Brothers Concert tour Sheniqua has been on, it has just been very busy for us. But of course, we never turn down a calling so we accepted, and after hearing all of the comments, we know that they couldn't have asked better people to choreograph these dances.

The highlight was the fancy, gold blouses that the Cha-Cha boys got to wear. I almost cried of delight when I saw them in their shimmery, ruffly blouses. I was hoping to buy one myself, but just couldn't get my hands on them as they sold out instantly.

This is Preston. He was one of the boys that I taught the dance to! One night after practice we went to In-N-Out and he got ketchup all over his blouse. He started screaming "MY BLOOOOUUUUUUSSSE! MY BLOUSE!" He took his Dance Festival-ing very serious. We had to calm him down and take his blouse to dry cleaning and he ended up being okay.

You can tell why I am glad that I can just relax now.... Phew!

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Cheryl said...

Poor Preston. How could he ever survive?

Your poor little blouse. If you would have kept the ketchup on it could have turned into a RED DRESS! "Red Dress!"
-Tesslyn, Tatey Bear and Mother Lundquist