Sunday, August 3, 2008


Last week I was on Facebook updating my profile and everything. I was just surfin around and then I started searching random names of people I knew while I was growing up. Well, I found Ken!

Ken was my good buddy from 2nd grade! We were best friends for a long time until he moved to Florida. Well I asked him to be my friend on Facebook and then he accepted. I talked to him and we arranged for him to come and visit us!

We had so much fun and it was just like the old days! He is so fun and crazy! He is a model so I included some of the model shots he's done.

This is Ken at our house being crazy.

This is a model shot he did for a hat store in Michigain (where Ken lives now).

This is a shot of Ken modeling an old 50's suit for a costume store.

And this is me and Ken together!

We were so excited to have him come for a few days! He became very good friends with Patagonia and all she can do is talk about him! Can't wait to see you again Ken!

By the way...Shanique is VERY pregnant with Jessy who is expected...on the 8th!

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cheryl said...

Oh we laughed so hard. We just love the picture of Ken and Bobert.