Thursday, November 1, 2007

It's a girl!!!

HER NAME IS GONNA BE PATAGONIA!!! (pat-uh-joe-nee-uh)

We found out today at the docter's @ 12:27pm!!! Her due date is November 23rd!!!!!! ME AND BOBERT are SOOOOOOOO excited!! We're gtting all ready...oh it's so EXCITING!!!

- Shaniqua


Cheryl said...

We are excited for litte Jonie! (Can I call her that short for Patagonia?) Anyway I am really jealous that Sheniqua gets to have such a quick pregnancy, it just is not fair!!!!

Preston said...

No you may not call our little Patagonia Jonie!!! Either Patapat or all of her name! Thank you!


Lee & Lara said...

I'am so excited for you guys!!!