Monday, August 20, 2007

Bobert's Traumatizing Experience

He's a dummy but he's not really a dummy. He's a dummy in the fake way not the other way. Even if he was a dummy in the other way nothing could have stopped this traumatizing experience from happening. You see, Bobert was just riding his skateboard...popping a few tricks...stuff like that. But then he fell on the side of the road. He just lied there hoping...waiting.... Nobody stopped. Nobody helped him. People looked and staired but never stopped because they thought he was "just a dummy." Finally he was picked up and was alright! But that didn't stop him from being traumatized. We usually don't talk about it but Bobert thought the public should know. Soon some pictures will be up but we warn you...they are not for the weak at heart.

1 comment:

pttb said...

Poor Bobert. If I were there I would have picked him up.
P.S. Actually my mom was one of the ones who just stared and drove away.